More than a training course

Arno Nierich’s invention, a blood filter, was already well under development when he started the MBI Life Sciences & Health program. But “with this program, I can get my invention to the patient more quickly. You shouldn’t try to do that on your own.”

Also useful in a corporate environment

Most participants in the MBI Life Sciences & Health program have the necessary experience, but are new to being entrepreneurs. However, John Sijben and John Mensink are in a different position, as they are embedded in a corporate environment. Still, they too learned a great deal through the program.

From lab to knee

The device had already been invented a few years previously. But how does one introduce a knee joint distractor like that onto the international market? Innovation Manager Karianne Lindenhovius participated in the MBI Life Sciences & Health program to learn just that. She is impressed with the result.

Thinking and acting as an entrepreneur

A good idea is one thing, but marketing that idea is quite a different matter. Lieuwke de Jong realized that one-handed suturing had great possibilities, but did not know exactly how to achieve them. The MBI Life Sciences & Health program helped De Jong and his business partner on their way.

Plenty of room for customization

The MBI Life Sciences & Health program helped vascular surgeon Mark Vrancken Peeters and his business partner carry their innovation, one-handed suturing, a big step further. It also helped him advance his personal development. “I am better at taking the lead than I realized.”