​MBI Program Ends With a Gong

With the official striking of the gong at Euronext, the MBI Team not only closed the Amsterdam stock market on the 16 September, but also wrapped up the second successful year of the MBI program. It was a huge highlight to stand there with our course participants, soaking up the atmosphere of the beautiful stock exchange building and dream of the day when they might take their ventures public.


New phase MBI Life Sciences & Health program


As of August 15, Professor Marianne van der Steen has accepted a position at Maastricht University and will be leaving UMC Utrecht. Professor Van der Steen was the source of inspiration for the Executive MBI Life Sciences & Health program which is organized by UMC Utrecht Julius Center, Utrecht University, FlandersBio and the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) in Belgium. With Professor Van der Steen’s departure, the MBI Life Sciences & Health program enters a new phase with a Board of Directors from the UMC Utrecht Julius Center, Utrecht University and the Belgian partners FlandersBio and VIB. Professor Van der Steen will still be involved in the program as its advisor ...

The MBI on the road in the USA, 29 May - 3 June 2016

By Johan de Rooij, Exbiome BV, participant MBI Life Sciences & Health 2015-2016
My trip started with a flight from Amsterdam to Boston. 7 hours to relax before an intensive week started immediately upon arrival on Sunday afternoon with drinks and dinner on the famous Harvard Square. The official program began the next morning with 3 East Coast days mostly dedicated to our venture presentations. Day 1 was a training day on story telling in the US. Hosted and organized by the Dutch Consulate in the impressive Cambridge Innovation Center in central Boston. Day 2 started at Harvard Business School: a very interactive lecture by Dr. Noam Wasserman about “founders dilemma’s”.


Start of the new academic year of the MBI Life Sciences & Health program


We proudly announce the start of a new academic year of the MBI Life Sciences & Health program. October 15th, 13 new Dutch and Belgium ventures will start with an exciting year up scaling their venture cases to the next investment stage.    The MBI LS&H is an executive program for promising European life sciences and health ventures to help them accelerate to a global company. The venture teams join the program with their own venture case. This year the program consists of three stages: 1. Regulatory, IP Strategy & Venture Business Planning; 2. Entrepreneurial Marketing & Leadership; 3. Financial Strategy & Growth of Venture. During these stages the venture te ...

Graduation Day of MBI Life Sciences & Health


On the 23rd of April last, the team members of the ventures that participated in the Executive Master of Business Innovation in Life Sciences & Health (MBI Life Sciences & Health) graduated. The MBI Life Sciences & Health powered by the UMC Utrecht Julius Academy and VIB/FlandersBIO is a unique ‘on-the-job’ program specifically designed for entrepreneurs and physicians or corporate innovation leaders in the life sciences and health industry to accelerate the growth of their venture or business case on a global scale. The participants successfully completed the program by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, creating value for their venture or case, raising money at ...

MBI Life Sciences and Health celebrates its first year with gong-stroke at stock exchange


At 5:30 pm on Friday, February 6, Dr. Marianne van der Steen, Director of the Executive Master of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences & Health at UMC Utrecht Julius Center, was conferred the special honor of sounding the closing gong to mark the end of the trading day of the Euronext stock exchange. The MBI Life Sciences and Health is a twelve-month on-the-job learning program in which entrepreneurs in Life Sciences & Health work towards accelerating the growth of their own venture on a global scale. This program is an initiative of research institutes in the Netherlands and Belgium, including University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht University, life scienc ...